out and about in gb: the urban frog

I have been sitting on these photos for quite some time.  Six weeks to be exact.  When Kinley and I were looking for restaurants to go to after we ran the Bellin Run, Kinley happened across the website for The Urban Frog in Green Bay, WI.  Their menu looked way too good to pass up and they even had Gluten Free and Vegan options!  Can’t get much better than that in my book.  They’re located right in downtown Green Bay – the perfect urban location.

For an appetizer Kinley and I shared their Guacamole and Organic Blue Chips.  The guacamole was delicious.  My only complaint was that it was gone just too darn fast.

I decided to get the Pumpkin Wrap.  Pumpkin hummus, Granny Smith apple, raw almonds, dried cranberries, and feta cheese on a multi-grain tortilla.  I got mine without feta and with a millet & flax tortilla instead.  They also had gluten free Teff tortillas so I could have had my pick!  I asked for it grilled, but it wasn’t so I ate it how it came.  I was too hungry to wait any longer!

Dessert was out of this world good.  I wish I lived closer so I could eat it all the time.  I guess it might be a good thing I don’t live too close then…  This is Frog Cake. Wheat-,gluten-, and dairy-free chocolate cake served with raspberries.  Say what?!  No wheat, gluten or dairy in the most delicious and moist chocolate cake I might have ever had?  Excellent.  Now you know why I want to go back!

Along with the food items I had they had very delicious looking smoothies and a bunch of other wrap and sandwich options – with a lot of local and organic ingredients!  I really do want to run the Bellin 10k again next year so we have a good excuse to eat here again!

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out and about in mke: classic slice

I really do love pizza.  The crust, the sauce, the toppings… yum.  The best pizza I ever had?  Well, I’ve got to give that to some random shop in Florence, but I am not getting that again any time soon.  I have not gotten any take-out or delivery pizza since going dairy-free.  It’s not the cheese factor I’m worried about (cheese-less pizza is still delicious in my book), it’s the dairy put in the crust at a lot of these pizza places!  Definitely NOT good.

So when I heard of a pizza place with vegan options, I perked up.  Vegan = no dairy (or eggs, honey, etc.), so I wouldn’t even have to worry about it!  Classic Slice is by no means purely vegan (or even vegetarian), so there are plenty of options for everyone.  Their dough however, is purely vegan!  And they also have dairy-free cheese, vegan sausage and tofu to add as toppings on your pizza.

Kinley picked up pizza and breadsticks for dinner last Friday night.  Classic Slice has two Milwaukee locations, on the north and the south side so it’s fairly convenient!  We ended up getting the Super Veggie Pizza with a side of Soy Cheese Stix.  We got a medium size of the pizza and the thing was HUGE!  The only complaint is I asked for it with tofu and it came with the vegan sausage which was SPICY.  But it wasn’t noticed until Kinley brought it home and there was no way we were going to drive all the way back to have them remake it…  The Soy Cheese Stix were incredible.  This was only my second experience with soy cheese and it did not disappoint!

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out and about in mke: coa

Coa Restaurant.  The Heart of Mexican Street Food.

I have gone to Coa a few times, I do love mexican food and they put a nice spin on it.  It is conveniently located in Bayshore Mall, which has free parking (as long as you can find space in their lots/parking garages)!  I also love their chips, they are some of the best tortilla chips I have ever eaten.  They use their fresh corn tortillas (made in house I believe), and fry them to deliciousness.  I’m pretty sure their chips are one of the main reason I chose Coa to be my  post-graduation dinner spot… that and guacamole :).

Coa’s claim to fame is their “street food” concept, focused around mix and match street tacos.  This was my first time visiting since I switched to be a vegetarian, even though I have had a few of their vegetarian menu items in the past.  While the vegetarian fare is not overwhelming, it’s a pretty good variety for the average vegetarian.  The Coa Nachos, Grilled Street Corn, Queso Fundido, Black Bean Soup, as well as the Calabacitas and Rajas fillings for the street tacos are listed as vegetarian on their menu.  Some of their other options could probably be made vegetarian if asked (but I had chips on my mind).

Plus, I gave up dairy recently, which limited my options tremendously since their cheese is on everything!  As I can remember, the cheese they use is delicious but I didn’t feel like doing that to my body!  We ended up eating later in the evening since it was after my graduation ceremony, so I was in a more snacking type mood.  I started my meal with a Light Margarita (white wine with fresh squeezed lime – YUM!).  I love this drink, it’s super refreshing and a great option if you’re not a fan of tequila.  For my “meal”, I ended up indulging in their chips and got the Coa Nachos (no cheese or crema) and we got an extra side of guacamole before the meal (the only complaint for this is it came with CHEESE on top – never expected guac to come with that.  If you are avoiding dairy make sure you specify it without the cheese!).

Other items I have had in the past include the black bean soup (I wonder if you can get it without the crema to be dairy free?  Might have to ask next time), as well as the grilled street corn appetizer.  I have also had their enchiladas and burritos during my other dining experiences at Coa, and are also delicious as far as I can remember.  You’d just have to check if you get the basic version if it would be vegetarian (unless it doesn’t matter to you).

For a local Milwaukee restaurant, I am actually fairly impressed with their vegetarian offerings.  I do wish they would list more of their items if they are in fact vegetarian (namely the burritos and enchiladas), just to make it easier to know without needing to ask.

So if you’re looking for a new mexican dining experience and you are in the Milwaukee area, I highly recommend Coa, for vegetarians and meat eaters alike!  To view their menu, click here.  And here’s a plus, they also have BRUNCH on Sunday.

I am not paid for any reviews I do, nor do I receive anything free.  I am simply a blogger who loves to eat and go out to restaurants in Milwaukee.

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