I officially made it through my second business trip! My first one was during my second week of work in Sonoma, CA, so I really had no idea what to expect. This one I have been preparing for since January, so I definitely had a better grasp of what was going on and more personal responsibilities! I’ve been excited for the location since I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle, but a little nervous of the meeting in general. Luckily, everything turned out great and the meeting was a success!

It was a short trip – leaving Thursday really early in the morning, getting to Seattle by lunch and then leaving Saturday morning. My co-worker and I had a few hours free after we got in so it was very nice to get out and enjoy the nice weather and see some of the Seattle sights!

We walked to Pike Place Market.

Unfortunately didn’t see them throw any fish – disappointed!

But we did see the gorgeous mountains in the background. Why can’t Wisconsin have any of these?!?

We walked by the waterfront.

Saw possibly the first (?) Starbucks. It looked old anyways so I’ll say it was the first.

Our hotel was very nice – big comfy bed along with a separate sitting room.

And a view of the water!

And of the other downtown sights.

Thursday was the only day I got my camera out for fun pictures since by the time the meeting was over on Friday it was raining and almost dark. All in all, I am in love with the city and definitely want to come back! I’m thinking a trip that will take me from Vancouver to Seattle to Portland would be a great getaway :). Luckily the plan is for me to keep coming back for this meeting every year – so I should be back soon!

More on my HILLY Saturday morning run in my next post!

nashville 2012: week 5

This past week was crazy! I had a work trip to Seattle on Thursday and got back home last night, so I have had way more than enough time changes within the past few days (since it’s Spring Ahead and all 😉 ).

Sunday: Yoga Body Bootcamp™
Monday: 4 mile run + workout A
Tuesday: Insanity Cardio + Resistance
Wednesday: 4 mile run + workout B
Thursday: Rest/Travel day
Friday: workout C
Saturday: 7m run

Last Sunday’s Yoga Body Bootcamp was by far the hardest class thus far! I was definitely feeling it after the fact for a couple of days… My abs and shoulders were worked well in that hour!

Monday was the first day of the Best Body Bootcamp (obviously I’m loving the Body Bootcamps right now!). In the morning I completed my 4 mile run for Nashville 1/2 marathon training, and then after work I did workout a*. I could definitely feel the burn as I have never been good at keeping a decent weight routine!

Tuesday I did an Insanity DVD at home (not taking an extra rest day again like last week haha).

Wednesday morning I ran the 4 miles for training and then workout B* was waiting for me when I got home from work. This one was very hard to focus on because I knew I still needed to pack and get ready for leaving the next morning!

Thursday was travel day! I woke up at 3am central time (yuck) to get to the airport to leave for my flight at 7. It was my first venture driving to the airport alone and find parking, but I figured it out no problem! The night didn’t end until after 10 Seattle time, so it was a LONG day. But, I guess I should put in that I did walk around the city from our hotel to Pike’s Market as well as to the location of our meeting the next day to set up.

Friday I completed workout c* in my hotel room! Luckily I had a semi-suite that had a long path from the living area to the bedroom so there was enough space for a couple of the moves ;). This one definitely kicked my butt and I was quite sweaty after I was done!

Saturday was long run day. Another 7 miles complete for 1/2 marathon training, but more on that run and the rest of my time in Seattle in another post!


*workouts A, B + C are from Tina at Best Body Bootcamp, so I can’t give any information on what the routines were, but they were all fantastic!