thoughts for fall

As I was leaving work today I had the strangest feeling.  It was cold, rainy, and darker than I like to see the sky at 4:30pm, and I was envisioning being at home, wearing my flannel pajamas, a sweatshirt, and my new favorite slippers.  That’s not the weird part since I am currently sitting at home in those three items, however I got the feeling that I really did not want to do homework tonight.  Wait, what?!  I don’t have to do homework anymore.

Just one year ago I was in the midst of my busiest semester.  20 credits of both bachelor and master level classes.  Needless to day, my nights were devoted to night class or doing homework for all of my classes… each and every night.  My days were split between 20 hours of work per week, 8 hours of driving to and from work, as well as my regular class load.  Doing homework was a normalcy for me.  Not just in college but all through high school I would get assigned homework that would be due the next day.

It still catches me off guard every once in awhile when I think that I do not have any homework I have to do at night.  Could I do work if I wanted to?  Well, of course.  I could bring work home from work but I like to keep work at work.  It’s just strange that so many of my nights have been devoted to something that (if I play my cards right) I will never have to do again.

Did I mention that one of the 20 credits I took last year was a Hiking class?  I came across the pictures today and it brought my thoughts back to school again!  It is so incredibly nice to come home and just be done.  No homework.  No classes.  No tests.  And hey, if I want to take a vacation I get to.  And get paid for it.  Although that also made me realize that in one month I will be on my way home from Hawaii – time is already going too fast!!!