what i ate wednesday #21

Another Wednesday! I know, I should get used to the fact that Wednesdays keep coming and weeks keep flying right on by. I feel like this past week went exceptionally fast since Thursday – Saturday were spent in Seattle, and then I had just one short day as my “weekend”. This weekend isn’t even all too relaxing either since I have my first 10k race of the year – the Shamrock Shuffle! It is nice because it is a Wisconsin race so we won’t have to stay overnight anywhere, but we will have to made our way from Milwaukee to Madison on Saturday to join in the Mad-Town St. Patrick’s Day festivities… not too high of hopes for this race, but only time will tell… ;).

Anyways, back to food! Last week my eats were quite green – and orange! – and I tried to keep up the veggies as green as possible today to go with the theme, but wasn’t quite as successful as last week!

Breakfast/pre-Yoga Body Bootcamp: PB & Banana French Toast – yum! With a juicy grapefruit on the side.

Lunch: Homemade quinoa pita with wilted spinach, tuna, mustard and hot sauce – delicious and filling!

Afternoon snack: Green smoothie (spinach, frozen banana, coconut milk, PB2) and a homemade zucchini muffin.

I also had a couple of these homemade buckwheat crackers – recipe will be on the blog soon! They are tasty. And ended up photographing quite well!

Dinner: This meal was super delicious. Homemade chicken nuggets (chunked up chicken breast coated with egg whites and rolled in sorghum flour, crushed up gluten free pretzels and seasoning), with baked french fries and green beans. All served with ketchup, naturally ;). But not green ketchup, because that was just nasty. Do you remember that? Not sure whose idea it was to strip the color out of red tomato ketchup and add buttloads of green food coloring to it, but they were sure hailed a marketing genius for a few weeks! I’m almost embarrassed to admit I think we bought a bottle of the green variety… I was obviously focused on health as a kid.

After dinner required a couple peanut butter chocolate chip cookies Sister had made when I was gone. They reminded me of bakery peanut butter cookies – yummm.

This entire day was filled with brand new eats, all of which were so good! I will definitely have to be making these foods again soon :). Happy Wednesday, everyone!