maui day 9: kiehe beaches + america ii

I woke up with not much of a plan for the morning. I ended up going on a 4 mile walk up the road in Kiehe. Kiehe is much more walker/runner friendly than anywhere in Kauai was since there are actually sidewalks and plenty of other walker/runner/bikers out and about in the mornings.

When I got back, we made Nature Pancakes again – it was so nice and easy to just pick up a package of Gluten Free Bisquick and a few items from the bulk bins at a natural foods store up the way than getting our own ingredients together for something!  This time there was both Passion Fruit Guava syrup from Aunty Lilikoi and Coconut Syrup.  I am definitely going to miss these fruity syrups!  Also a cup of strawberry Chobani with Pina Colada Granola on top from Kauai Granola (not certified oats, but ended up being fine!).

After breakfast, there was no need to clean up from my walk since it was time for suits and beach time!  Our condo is about 1/4 mile walk (if that) from the beach so we didn’t even have to drive to find it.

It was sunny when we were out, even though it was also really overcast!  Not what I was expecting from the weather in Maui, but the ocean was nice so I couldn’t have asked for much else!

After we had our fill of beach time for the day we headed back to the condo to clean up, eat lunch and then head on our way to Lahaina again to set sail on the America II. America II was an actual America’s Cup Contender in 1987 and has now retired to taking tourists out on performance sailing rides.  None of us were ready for what we experienced.  Our original plan was to go on the sail and then to a nice restaurant in Lahaina for dinner.  We didn’t hear any warnings from the people where we bought our tickets except you might get a little wet, but when we got on the America II, the captain was saying that anything that can’t be submerged in at least 3’ of water needs to be stowed away.  WHAT?!  I had brought my nice purse, a book to read, my camera that has already had enough near death experiences for one trip…  Luckily the stowed area stayed dry but I most definitely did not. Right away I got splashed with at least a gallon of water that soaked me from head to toe – and it was NOT sunny and warm out so it was chilly. If I only would have been prepared, it would have been great – but the lack of warning definitely surprised us all!  Needless to say, we had fun but were definitely not ready to sit anywhere, especially in a nicer restaurant, when it looked like we had wet our pants/lost our pants ;).

We left for the 1/2 hour+ drive back to the condo with towels wrapped around our waists. We decided that instead of going out to a nicer place for dinner all we wanted to do was walk from our condo to Fred’s Mexican Cafe for another round of fish tacos as well as margaritas.  I decided on the Skinny Margarita.

And the fish tacos, this time without the cheese since I remembered to order it that way.  Subbed corn tortillas in for the flour.

Such a pretty setting!

And the waitress took our best family picture of the trip – and we are all lookin’ pretty tan!

I still can’t believe today was our last full day in Hawaii – it has all gone so fast even though it seems like we’ve done a lot in just a little over a week.  One more beach and sightseeing day to go and then heading back to winter :(.