disney 1/2 training: 8 miles

It’s official. I have now run 8 miles. At one time. Last week did take me to somewhat of a new level at 7 miles, but I think I have (once) run that distance in the past. 8 miles? Never. So today was the day. And nothing like a 10′ day to get my butt in gear!

I recently found Runner’s World What to Wear for Runners guide to help with what you should wear depending on the temperature, wind and weather conditions. It was 10′, 7mph wind, sunny and I like to feel “in-between”. It said I should wear a winter hat, running tights, a long-sleeve shirt, a jacket, gloves and sunglasses. Well, I was already wearing earmuffs, running pants, a t-shirt, a pullover jacket and gloves, so I figured I would just stick with that. Turns out I should have switched my t-shirt for a long-sleeve shirt… guess I know better now! Could have gone for some warmer gloves as well!

So how’d it go? Besides absolutely FREEZING, it went well! I think the colder air made me zone out more and run faster to try to warm up… which never happened. I ran straight the first four miles, took a short walking break to eat a Clif Shot Energy Gel. I got a chocolate one this time and it was sooo good. Just like brownie batter! I took a few sips of water at this point too to wash down the gel and then started running again. I walked a couple more times just to stretch out my legs a little bit but kept it at a good pace the rest of the time. Even though I was still feeling good when my mileage was up, I was glad I could go into a heated house away from the wind! I also managed to somehow lose yet another headband on my run, although this time I didn’t notice it until I was home so it’s probably gone for good! Unless I stumble upon it next week haha. Good think I don’t get nice headbands, like those from Lululemon because then I would get real angry if I lost it on a random road;). Maybe the grip would help… hmm. Anywhere, here are my splits, averaging 10:12 a mile – even faster than last week!

When I got home my water had turned to ICE! I will definitely be getting a Nathan water bottle holder the next time I see one to help with my freezing hands and water bottles during my runs! Can’t believe there are only 4 weeks until Disney! Next week I have a 10k, 9 and 10 miles the weeks after and then 13.1! It’s coming so soon! And what’s the best way to spend the day after running 8 miles? Baking Christmas cookies, of course!