kauai day 6: waterfalls + ziplining adventure

I’ve started out each post this week with my island breakfasts, so I might as well continue for day 6 ;).  I had a yogurt, banana and granola bowl with a half of a Mango Macadamia Nut muffin from Sweet Marie’s.  I have actually not been a huge fan of the muffins from Sweet Marie’s Gluten Free Bakery here in Kauai – they’ve been dry and not super flavorful.  This flavor is one of the bests tho – it’s hard to go wrong with macadamia nuts haha.  I thought the muffins were going to be the only thing for breakfasts in the islands so I pre-ordered 10 of them, and was going to share with Mom and Dad as well, but then 10 muffins and one container of granola came to $65!  Yikes – I don’t know if she overcharged me or what, but I am quite disappointed that for that price they’re not as good as what I could get close to home (or make myself).

Anyways, we left our condo around 9 this morning and drove to Opaekaa Falls. It was a pretty short drive and we got out at an overlook to check it out.  It was huge, but I do wish the foliage was a little more picturesque near the water!  You definitely do not see things like this in Wisconsin… ;).

We ended up driving around a bit after that and also heading into town to get a few groceries we needed for our last couple of days.  We also went to our first fruitstand – looong overdue since we’ve been meaning to get to one since our first day here!  We got papayas, limes, dragonfruit, lilikoi, eggfruit, starfruit and an avocado.

Lunch we just ate at the condo, but it was so good!  A brown rice tortilla with turkey, avocado and papaya seed dressing with a half of a papaya and half a starfruit on the side.  I think this may have been the best papaya I’ve ever had – so juicy and perfect.

After lunch we headed to our ziplining adventure.  We made reservations the other day and it was the first time anyone in my family has gone.  Mom didn’t join us for the zipping, but came around and stayed safely on the ground to take our pictures at a few of the spots.  We decided to go with JustLive! Kauai’s Zipline Treetop Tour that included 7 ziplines and 4 canopy bridges.  I was definitely scared to jump off the first one, but then realized it wasn’t that scary so the rest were a breeze.

It was really cool being to high up, around 60-80’ in the trees.  The trees themselves were 200’ – they’re Norfolk Pines but in the Hawaiian weather they grow ridiculously high.  And apparently you cannot tell the age of trees on Hawaii by the rings like you can in colder climates because the rings are created by the cold sap/warm sap variation in the winter and summer months.  Learn something new every day!  I really liked the one where we got to jump off backwards and turn around!

After we were done ziplining we headed to another waterfall, Wailua Falls, that we didn’t end up having time to go to this morning.  This one wasn’t flowing as much as it sometimes is so there were two streams coming down.  Such a long drop down!

We had stopped to get some fresh fish to grill for dinner at a fish market and brought that back to the condo.  We had Opah fish that ended up being really good – a very “meaty” fish that grilled really well.  We made rice, peas and broccoli on the side and I dipped it in a little papaya seed dressing.  A very nice dinner!

After dinner we went back to the grocery store to get ice cream for dessert.  We ended up with Kona Coffee + Macadamia Nut with some hot fudge.  It was extremely delicious, especially on such a hot and humid day.  The perfect ending!