maui day 10/11: traveling home

Day 10 technically lasted quite a long time since it really stretched over days 10 and 11.  After the activities we did throughout the day we still had to begin our venture home.  I had managed to adjust to the time change getting there just fine – Hawaii is 4 hours behind WIsconsin so I just had to stay up a few extra hours that first night, which ended up being surprisingly easy considering the early morning wake up call.  During the week I went to bed at decent times by Hawaii standards, between 10 and 11pm most nights, if not earlier, and I was getting up between 5 and 6.  Well, Wisconsin time that all of a sudden turns into 2am going to bed and waking up at 9… definitely not going to happen when working!

What I think messed me up the most coming home was the first plane ride, it was set to leave Maui at almost 11pm… which wouldn’t have been bad if I was a good plane sleeper but I am definitely not!  Anyways, we got to the airport over two hours before, and thank goodness we did because by the time we checked in and went through the incredibly long and ridiculous security line, we had just enough time to run to the bathroom and walk on the plane.  Something was going on that made everything slow up considerably compared to normal, so I am really glad we were able to make the flight… although who wouldn’t want to be stranded in paradise for an extra night?!  I would have been okay with it.

It was only a 6 hour flight from Maui to our layover in Denver.  I maybe slept for 4 hours of it?  I remember being absolutely freezing and waking up randomly and trying to find a comfortable way to get to sleep.  Not easy when sister is hogging the seats… We arrived in Denver around 9am Denver time, so I ate some random snacks as breakfast and grabbed an Iced Americano from Starbucks to help wake me up.  Our flight from Denver to Milwaukee was delayed an extra 10 or so minutes because our flight attendant decided not to show up.  This plane was TINY!  And we were in the front row… meaning we didn’t have floor space for carry-ons and I had to gate check my backpack.  I mostly read on this flight while sister got even more sleep…  Luckily we ended up arriving in Milwaukee 10 minutes early!

After we arrived, I had to wait for my bag that was gate checked and then go and get our checked luggage.  Dad went to go get our not-as-cool-as-jeep-or-pip vehicle and we headed on our way back to the house to meet up with the pup.  He was so happy to see us!  It’s always sad returning from vacations, but I know Crosby misses us terribly so he is definitely happy we returned!  The rest of the day was spent being incredibly unproductive.  I did get two loads of my laundry done, but nothing else!

Getting back into the swing of things at work has been easier than I thought it was going to.  I was prepared to have an absolutely stuffed inbox, but just had a little over a hundred new emails – kind of miraculous!  I have not been tired as much at nights and super tired and out of it in the mornings, but I am gradually getting used to the time change and hopefully the long Thanksgiving weekend will help get me back to normal!