long time no blog

photo by emilee liverance | emilee liverance photography
(just in case you forgot who I was ūüėČ )

It has been over 20 days since my last blog post. ¬†I think that’s the longest stretch I’ve gone. ¬†I wish I had a good excuse for not blogging, like I was traveling across Europe or something amazing like that, but no, I just wasn’t feeling up to it. ¬†I had a definite lack of inspiration. ¬†Everything I was writing was getting to the point it sounded dull to me and like it had no life in it. ¬†I figured I would rather not blog than write things that sounded meaningless. ¬†And if I didn’t even like how I was writing, why would anyone even care to read?

Well, for some reason I feel like inspiration is coming back to me, or that I need another creative outlet in my life right now. ¬†A few things have changed, or rather happened, recently that have made me not so thrilled about life. ¬†A major one being my foot. ¬†I finally went to the doctor a week ago after having an ache in my left foot for three weeks before that point. ¬†I would have/should have gone in earlier but I kept waiting for my new insurance cards to come in so I actually knew what was going to be covered. ¬†I finally just asked for my number to be able to look up online what my coverage was and was able to make an appointment that same day. ¬†Luckily my office got to leave at noon last week (still not sure why but I would never question this ūüėČ ), so I had plenty of time to call around to find someone to go to.

I got frustrated with the online search to find a doctor to visit and decided I would pay the $75 (instead of $30) copay to visit the urgent care rather than find a doctor who could help.  Well, luckily the clinic I ended up calling (because it looked the prettiest/newest) did not have urgent care during the week but the receptionist was so helpful in helping me find a doctor who had availability that same day.

I had looked up the pain I was having online and had convinced myself that I had a stress fracture from running.  The pain was in the exact place that normal foot stress fractures happen and it was very tender and I was barely able to walk without limping and causing a scene.  This of course made me really worried, especially since I was supposed to start my Disney 1/2 Marathon training on October 16th, but some stress fractures take months to heal, especially when they are on highly utilized areas so I also had myself convinced that I would not be able to run the race at all.  So of course I went in expecting the worst.  I also thought that I would experience the first x-ray/bone scan in my life.

So I went in, the doctor felt my foot and asked me questions on where I was experiencing pain. ¬†He wasn’t a Podietrist, but he was very doubtful that it was a fracture of any kind. ¬†He said it was more than likely¬†tendonitis from running. ¬†I think it does, unfortunately, have a bit to do with my new minimalist running shoes and that there is not a whole lot of cushion on the sole of the foot. ¬†I may or may not have over-worn them one particular week because I wasn’t using my head… ¬†The doctor was first going to have me take 9 ibuprofen a day – much more aggressive than the 1 I had been taken (hence the not getting better). ¬†He then rethought that since I had been taken some ibuprofen and prescribed a steroid to decrease the swelling.

I do think it’s kind of humerus that I am on a steroid – just waiting for my muscles to start bulging! ¬†The swelling has gone down considerably in the past week and I still have two more pills to take. ¬†I can’t tell yet if that’s going to be enough or if I will have to go on to step 2 – going to see a Podietrist to get steroid injections. ¬†Needless to say, my marathon training will be put off for a couple of weeks until my foot is 100% better. ¬†I’m still walking more than I should be on it (I just can’t be lazy), and still going to yoga, but that is a whole lot less stress on my foot than running. ¬†So, if my Monday my foot still has this now-dull ache, it’s on to a Podietrist. ¬†I was told this is something that can be healed and not come back again, but I just have to get it to GO AWAY so that I can start my training in a better place.

I even had an awesome 12-week training plan constructed that I will not have to reconfigure. ¬†I think I’ll still post my original so I can look back to it in the future for when I do not have tendonitis and am beginning training for a 1/2.

Apparently I am feeling a bit more wordy and inspired. ¬†Or frustrated and can’t run to release the frustration. ¬†Either way, I think I’ll be picking blogging back up for the time being ;).