what i ate wednesday #16

**I must say I love the monthly theme for WIAW! I should definitely increase my veggies for next time… I had some but I could use more!

This day was a very good day. And it was also Super Bowl Sunday. While I didn’t watch a second of the game (albeit a few minutes of the half time show on YouTube after the fact…), my lunch was definitely inspired by the game ;). Before lunch however, was breakfast.

Breakfast: Grain-Free Bacon Waffles. Yup, bacon waffles. They were delightful. Recipe to come soon (and I’m sure they’re delicious without the bacon if you’re not a bacon lover). Peanut butter and a drizzling of some agave-maple syrup. Oh so good.

After breakfast I went to my first ever Yoga Body Bootcamp class. It was quite the workout and I was in a complete smoothie mood when I got home (which hasn’t happened for months because of the weather). I created a Hydrating/Energizing Orange Smoothie and it definitely did the trick! If only I had some spinach to put in the blender too! After chugging this I quickly went to the shower so I could get out of my sweaty clothes…

Lunch: I absolutely love eating snacks in lieu of a real meal on the weekends. I like the random flavor combinations and it’s the perfect thing to eat while watching a movie and just relaxing. We also technically had the excuse of it being Super Bowl Sunday… even though the game was hours away haha. We made taco dip with tortilla chips, bbq meatballs, and homemade guac with plantain chips. So good and a few veggies anyways! I definitely went back for seconds while watching Crazy, Stupid, Love (I totally laughed every time they said Mrs. or Mr. Weaver – so weird for someone in a movie to have my last name! Especially when Mr. Weaver is played by Steve Carell).

Afternoon Snacks: I was still steamed up in the afternoon from my bootcamp, and the food processor was still out from making Cocoa Coconut Butter in the morning, so we whipped up a batch of Chocolate Banana Softserve (recipe to come soon too!). Topped with sprinkles. Because everything is better with sprinkles. No veggies, but tons of fruit!

Later on I had a handful of almonds + raisins. I love this combo but never end up having it during the week. That needs to change!

Dinner: We had such a successful making/baking weekend in the kitchen, another item of which was for dinner. We made up a half batch of an Almond Flax Pizza Crust and topped it with marinara, the leftover bbq meatballs from lunch, green olives and string cheese. This was the absolute best pizza crust I have had in a very long time! Why has it taken so long to try almond flour?! On the side was a salad with cottage cheese + balsamic vinegar. An excellent combination (reminds me of a mozzarella salad!).

After dinner I definitely nibbled on a few of the cookies below… I’ve showed many cookies on my WIAW posts the past few weeks because I have been in a definite cookie mood, and this recipe once again does not disappoint. The recipe will be coming soon (I sound so taunting in this post – sorry!). So many good things coming to the blog in the next few days from my highly productive and successful weekend in the kitchen! You can keep up to date with my posts on Facebook if you want to make sure you don’t miss out ;).

Thanks once again to Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for hosting this lovely weekly event! And I need to remember to eat more veggies :/.