disney 2012: epcot

After we got back from the post-1/2 marathon Mickey waffles, it took awhile to get showered and ready for the day. Showering felt so nice on my sore and fatigued muscles, but standing up getting ready was not as pleasant! There were plenty of breaks where I just sat down on the bed before continuing haha. By the time we were all ready it was time to head for lunch. We decided on Sweet Tomatoes again for the unlimited salad bar :). I didn’t end up having much of an appetite and my eyes were much bigger than my stomach, so about half my salad went untouched, as did a little bit of my potato. By the time we were done eating, we headed toward Epcot to get some park time in.

Even though Sister and I had already ran 13.1 miles today (and mom had a traumatic event of her own 😉 ), we figured the afternoon was perfect for walking around the Epcot showcase. We started in Canada and continued around the world toward Mexico. On the way, we stopped into shops in both the UK and Germany to look for sweatshirts. They didn’t have any that looked that nice and I decided not to spend $50 on just an okay sweatshirt – I’ll find something better to buy with that money :).

The only country we stopped in for more than just taking pictures was the 360’ movie in China. We had seen it on one of our past trips, but it was neat to see it again!

After we got around all of the countries, we decided to stop in the Land building. There was no wait to go on the boat ride through there so we figured we could go on it to see if that had changed at all. The beginning was the same, but going through the greenhouse was really neat. All of their new growing techniques make everything look so cool.

After the boat ride we stopped at Seasons for a quick snack. We decided on hard boiled eggs, potato chips and an unsweetened black iced tea. I needed caffeine but have been good about my no soda resolution so the tea was a good option!

We were pretty set at Epcot for the day, so we decided to leave around 5. We drove to Downtown Disney because we were offered a free meal at Portobello’s because of the crouton incident with the salads on Thursday night. The manager called mom checking on how we were doing – Kinley wasn’t feeling so hot on Friday but is unsure whether it was from a crumb or just the unhealthy eating we had the previous day. He wanted to make good with us and show us how they can deal with allergies, and how they train their servers to do so. We decided to go back and give it another try, especially since the manager was very adamant that we take him up on his offer. It is a really good thing we had reservations and a “VIP” table – the wait was hours long by the time we got there and we only had to wait a few minutes for our table to be ready. We were seated and the waiter came over and explained that all of their pasta dishes could be done with gluten free penne pasta. I had my eyes on the rigatoni calabrese (Italian sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, escarole) and it could easily be made gluten free. The chef even came over to our table to assure us that everything was being made without cross-contamination. She has a son with a gluten intolerance so that made us even more comforted! After she talked to us she headed back to make the homemade gluten free pasta!

Let me just say that I am so glad we returned! I didn’t know that gluten free pasta could be made in a restaurant and it was so delicious! I only wish they would have served some kind of gluten free bread with their roasted garlic that looked oh-so-good. I ate almost my entire bowl of pasta, and then we headed back to the hotel and very quickly went to bed. Dinner did end up taking longer than expected because the chef made fresh pasta for us (and the place was packed!), but it was well worth the wait. We were all very happy to be back and in our beds finally after a whirlwind of a day!