what i ate wednesday #19

It is officially the last day in February… and a bonus day since it’s a Leap Year! I can’t wrap my head around tomorrow being MARCH already – yikes! It’s also the last week of Love your Veggies month with Peas and Crayons… but there’s a green-filled month ahead to look forward to!

Pre-Run: Coffee + milk. Banana. Rice cake + pb + jelly.

Running: I ran six miles today and decided to start experimenting early with other running fuels. I started later in my Disney 1/2 marathon training and never got totally used to them… so hopefully an early start helps! I took two squares of Clif Bloks along and my water bottle that had 1/4t salt and a little juice mixed in. I took one of the Clif Bloks at 2 miles and the second at 4. Besides being frozen they were really good!

Breakfast: I usually don’t do smoothies for breakfast because they fill me up initially, but don’t keep me full for longer than two hours or so. Since it was already after 10 when I got back and was ready to eat, I figured it would be okay since lunch wasn’t far off! In the smoothie was the last of our spinach (hence not being too green), a banana, ice, protein powder, cottage cheese, cocoa powder and PB2. There was a lot of protein in that baby, but unfortunately not a whole lot of taste. Definitely need to work on this for the future! Topped with a sprinkling of flax + granola.

Lunch: The smoothie kept me fuller longer than normal… maybe because of all the protein? So I made it at least 3 hours until lunch – what an accomplishment ;). Lunch was delicious. An orange, grilled cheese, lettuce and vegetable soup. There really wasn’t anything “special” with this lunch, but everything just went together perfectly!

After lunch I was wanting some sugar, so I decided to have a piece of carrot cake. Since there’s vegetables in it, it’s not too bad, right?! Plus is was the most delicious carrot cake (+gluten free!) with cream cheese frosting from Outpost. Yum!

Afternoon Snack: Lunch + dessert kept me really content for the entire afternoon so I wasn’t hungry until after 4:30. I didn’t want to eat dinner too early, so I ate a couple of carrot sticks along with some veggie straws. It also powered me through a couple loads of laundry and cleaning the bathroom and my room!

Dinner: For dinner I got all experimenty. I’ve wanted to make Edible Perspective’s Quinoa Egg Veggie Bake since I first saw it on her blog and this was the first time I actually did! I started out by making her perfect quinoa and then added green pepper, peas, sausage and topped it with cheese! Also covered with ketchup and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes. A salad with cottage cheese on the side. This dinner was SUPER delicious and really filling – loved it!

Bedtime Snack: I had one of these little guys (recipe coming tomorrow!).

And a small bowl of chocolate chex in the pretty much empty Barney Butter container. This is by far my favorite almond butter – I can’t believe it’s all gone! Actually our entire nutbutter stock is severely diminished right now…

And that sums up the last WIAW of Love Your Veggies Month! Look for green meals next week ;). Happy Wednesday!