top 10 things from last week

1. My yoga studio offered a groupon on Sunday! I went for the larger package and got 10 classes for $35. $3.50 per yoga class? I’ll take it.

2. This quote pinned by Sister got close to 100 repins this week.

3. I finished my second new book of the year (5th book total)! Shopaholic Takes Manhattan was a very light and funny read – and definitely what my brain needs after working all day ;). Shopaholic Ties the Knot is next!

4. I got my workouts and all the information for Best Body Bootcamp! Last day to sign up is tomorrow and it starts on Monday! Even though I’m still following my Nashville 1/2 Marathon training plan, I have created a new plan with BBC included. I’ll be posting that every week, but not with the workout detail of course ;). If you want to know what Workout A, B, + C are I greatly encourage you to sign up! Tina, you’re amazing and I can’t wait to start!!

5. I kind of really want these socks to run a race in! Even though people will think I’m crazy, I’ll know they’ll secretly be jealous.

6. Sugar Cookie Dough Cashew Butter Cups. Yum.

7. iPad 3 rumors/invitation. All I’ve got to say is that this better be true. I’ve been waiting over 6 months for it to finally be announced and it would be so disappointing if it’s something else!

8. I finally signed up for two workshops at my aforementioned yoga studio! A master’s class + handstand workshop this month. I can’t wait!

9. My second ever business trip is next week – it came up so fast! I’ll be headed to Seattle for the first time and am quite excited, even though I won’t have a ton of free time while there. Although I am really hoping I can get my 7 mile run in on either the hotel treadmill or outside on the streets of the city! I love running new places :).

10. “Shit People Say” videos. My favorites (obviously) are Shit Foodies Say and Shit Yogis Say. Soo funny and kind of sad that they’re mostly true :).

snow run

Today was the first actual snowy run of the season. There was a light dusting on the ground during my first 9 mile training run, but it was hardly enough to see on the grass. This was a little more snow coverage and insane wind accompanying it, so it was not the most enjoyable run. I was scheduled to go four miles, the last definite run before 13.1 on Saturday. I have an optional 3 miles on Wednesday, but I’m thinking I will do an Insanity DVD instead. Looking back over my long runs over the past couple of months, it appears I do a lot better during the run when I have one or two Insanity’s during the week – something about the breathing and sweating so hard no run I have ever done even comes close to comparing…

That being said, I haven’t been so dedicated to Insanity over the holidays and my runs have definitely decreased in performance. We will see if it will help coupled with the excitement being in Disney will bring! I was going to do a DVD today, but I am still nursing my shoulder a little bit – loading up on Ibuprofen to decrease the swelling. It seems to be doing better, but I didn’t want to use my arms/back any more than necessary. I’m thinking a stretching/recovery insanity tomorrow and a regular one on Wednesday.

Anyways, the run this morning was so windy and cold, but I was happy to do it in the daylight! I was off of work today and slept in until 7, and then went for a run right away. Once I got back, vegging out ensued. Well, Christmas decorations were taken down and the house was cleaned first, but then I spent some quality time laying on my bed (flat on my back for my shoulder) reading a book that one of my co-workers wrote (she had me for Secret Santa and she gave me one of her books!). Even though outside was windy, cold and snowy, inside was nice and toasty and it felt like a snow day. After lunch I even baked up a half batch of the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies I have ever had – reminds me so much of Carol’s Cookies!

I really can’t believe I have only two days of work and then I’m off to Orlando! I am really excited for this trip even though it seems to have come up so fast!

eleven from eleven

I thought now would be a very good time to reflect on 2011 – seems appropriate to me as it is now a New Year! Lots of exciting things happened to me this year and some not-so-fun occurrences. Here are eleven of them!

1. Went to NYC with Kinley in January. This was the first time either of us had gone to NYC and it was fun to explore a big and bustling city. I loved every minute of it (okay, not the minute that I formatted my card and lost all my pictures and then spent $40 of a software to get them back…). We saw a broadway show (American Idiot featuring Billie Joe Armstrong), ice skated at Bryant Park (one of the main reasons we went in the winter), ate more cupcakes than days we were there (from Sweet Revenge and Crumbs), had my first Macaroon from Financier Patisserie (have not had one since but I have been completely obsessed with them and wanting to find/make them), ran in Central Park (so want to do this again!), went to Times Square at night and during the day, saw the Statue of Liberty, randomly walked by Jimmy Fallon as he was getting interviewed on the Today Show and pretty much walked around the entire city in the three days we were there. It was so memorable and I can’t wait to go back and see even more!

2. Got in my first car accident. Okay so this one isn’t so great, but I am lucky it was as minor as it was. It was rainy and I was on the highway and the lady in front hit her breaks SUPER fast in her brand new car (needless to say I couldn’t stop fast enough with the wet roads). Got a couple hundred dollar ticket and a banged up front of my car to drive around with for a few months. Lesson learned…

3. Graduated. This is one of the major milestones this year. I graduated with not one, but two degrees in May. My Bachelor’s in International Business, minor in German, and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing. I spent the morning of my graduation in court dealing with the points that I got from #2 (got them all cleared away at least!), but the night was all for celebrating!

4. Two month extended vacation. During the two months between graduating and finding a job, I was spending all my newfound “free time” searching for jobs, rethinking my life choices and hanging out with Crosby having some quality nap times every afternoon (he napped, I read many books and book series including The Hunger Games). I also started blogging again to try and find some purpose in my life and do something productive. Little did I know it would stick with me even after finding a job.

5. Ran my first 10k. This was my second race, and the first one that I actually enjoyed :). I will always remember the Bellin 10k and am already signed up to do it in 2012 and break my course time! I also ran two other 10k’s – in Madison (my current PR) and in Hawaii.

6. Found a job. I couldn’t believe it when this day finally came. Looking back I am really fortunate to have found a job within two months of graduating, and even more fortunate that after five months I still love what I’m doing. I have never been bored for a single day while being there and I am looking forward to what this next year will bring me!

7. Went on my first business trip. The second week of the real job I went on my first business trip to Sonoma, California. It was an awesome and busy trip and I get to go on that same meeting/trip next year when it’s in Virginia – and I am planning almost the entire thing!

8. First Surprise Birthday Party. I had always wanted a surprise birthday party, but had never gotten one before. I was definitely not expecting one this year, but Kinley somehow surprised me with a great 23rd birthday with family and friends coming to celebrate with me!

9. Went to Hawaii. This will always remain one of the best vacations ever. Hawaii is amazing and our time spent on both Kauai and Maui was fantastic. You can find all of my daily posts here.

10. Ran 5 miles in under 50 minutes. This was an awesome experience for me. I really didn’t think I was capable of running under 10 minutes miles for this long of time, but I did it during the Festival Foods Turkey Trot! Hopefully I’ll be just as pleasantly surprised with my performance at Disney ;).

11. Ran my first double digit run. I have never been a runner so it still amazes me that I can run an entire mile without stopping. Sure, I’ve had some discouraging runs and plenty of aches and pains along the way, but I hope to keep considering myself a runner from here on out! And many more double digit runs this year!

2012 has many things in store for it as well… look for my next post to see all the things I hope to accomplish this year!

happy halloween!

This was the first year in many that I have dressed up – and at least it was for a good reason ;).  I am still sore from my run on Saturday – I managed a 3 1/2 mile run per my training plan, and I am so glad it was not any more than that!  I took them nice and slow and hoped for my legs to loosen up a bit, and I think it might have worked a bit?  We’ll see how the day progresses!

Crosby dresses up for Halloween each and every year, he just loves it, can’t you tell?

This year he chose to be a cow.  Actually I am pretty sure he was not really fond of us for making him dress up and wear a hat (how can you be a cow without horns?!).  This cute ensemble came from Target.

So adorable.

Yesterday, we baked up a Rustic Kitchen gluten free pizza crust in the shape of a pumpkin.  We picked up the dough at Willy Street Coop in Madison on Saturday and were very happy with the results!  It was delicious, thick crust and was not crumbly at all.  It was a little difficult to roll out – I don’t think I used enough water on my hands to avoid sticking, but it still turned out surprisingly pumpkin-shaped.  Talk about talent!

Topped with marinara on half and oil on the other, Smart Chicken sweet Italian chicken and daiya mozzarella shreds.  Can’t get much better than that, my friends!

Can’t believe another month has flown by, Happy Halloween!

monday in a flash

1. Week #2 half marathon training – 3 miles, 33 minutes.  Legs were TIGHT from this weekend.

2. Almost caught up with Glee episodes… only about 15 minutes left of the last one!

3. Even when I leave for work at 8:20 it is possible to still arrive at 8:30.  I love living 5 miles from work.

4. Hour and a half long meetings make the morning fly by.

5. Leaving work to go get gas is an acceptable way to spend your lunch break.

6. It’s satisfying talking to a really annoyed person who can’t find something while searching your website, only to find out they are spelling the word wrong and that’s why they’re having issues.

7. Gluten free pretzels & rice chex make a delicious afternoon pre-Insanity snack.

8. Shawn T makes my heart swoon.

9. No workout DVD has ever made me sweat so much or jump so high.

10. Chickpea tacos in blue corn tortilla shells are a fantastic post-workout dinner.  Especially followed by not-so-healthy pistachio fluff.  You mean if it’s green it doesn’t automatically make it healthy?

11. Finding a pink tutu at Target is one of the highlights of my weekend.

12. Pink tutus and beer cornbread… and turtle cookies… recipes to come soon :).

Now off to create my shirt for the Haunted Hustle on Saturday and watch Castle!

thoughts for fall

As I was leaving work today I had the strangest feeling.  It was cold, rainy, and darker than I like to see the sky at 4:30pm, and I was envisioning being at home, wearing my flannel pajamas, a sweatshirt, and my new favorite slippers.  That’s not the weird part since I am currently sitting at home in those three items, however I got the feeling that I really did not want to do homework tonight.  Wait, what?!  I don’t have to do homework anymore.

Just one year ago I was in the midst of my busiest semester.  20 credits of both bachelor and master level classes.  Needless to day, my nights were devoted to night class or doing homework for all of my classes… each and every night.  My days were split between 20 hours of work per week, 8 hours of driving to and from work, as well as my regular class load.  Doing homework was a normalcy for me.  Not just in college but all through high school I would get assigned homework that would be due the next day.

It still catches me off guard every once in awhile when I think that I do not have any homework I have to do at night.  Could I do work if I wanted to?  Well, of course.  I could bring work home from work but I like to keep work at work.  It’s just strange that so many of my nights have been devoted to something that (if I play my cards right) I will never have to do again.

Did I mention that one of the 20 credits I took last year was a Hiking class?  I came across the pictures today and it brought my thoughts back to school again!  It is so incredibly nice to come home and just be done.  No homework.  No classes.  No tests.  And hey, if I want to take a vacation I get to.  And get paid for it.  Although that also made me realize that in one month I will be on my way home from Hawaii – time is already going too fast!!!

long time no blog

photo by emilee liverance | emilee liverance photography
(just in case you forgot who I was 😉 )

It has been over 20 days since my last blog post.  I think that’s the longest stretch I’ve gone.  I wish I had a good excuse for not blogging, like I was traveling across Europe or something amazing like that, but no, I just wasn’t feeling up to it.  I had a definite lack of inspiration.  Everything I was writing was getting to the point it sounded dull to me and like it had no life in it.  I figured I would rather not blog than write things that sounded meaningless.  And if I didn’t even like how I was writing, why would anyone even care to read?

Well, for some reason I feel like inspiration is coming back to me, or that I need another creative outlet in my life right now.  A few things have changed, or rather happened, recently that have made me not so thrilled about life.  A major one being my foot.  I finally went to the doctor a week ago after having an ache in my left foot for three weeks before that point.  I would have/should have gone in earlier but I kept waiting for my new insurance cards to come in so I actually knew what was going to be covered.  I finally just asked for my number to be able to look up online what my coverage was and was able to make an appointment that same day.  Luckily my office got to leave at noon last week (still not sure why but I would never question this 😉 ), so I had plenty of time to call around to find someone to go to.

I got frustrated with the online search to find a doctor to visit and decided I would pay the $75 (instead of $30) copay to visit the urgent care rather than find a doctor who could help.  Well, luckily the clinic I ended up calling (because it looked the prettiest/newest) did not have urgent care during the week but the receptionist was so helpful in helping me find a doctor who had availability that same day.

I had looked up the pain I was having online and had convinced myself that I had a stress fracture from running.  The pain was in the exact place that normal foot stress fractures happen and it was very tender and I was barely able to walk without limping and causing a scene.  This of course made me really worried, especially since I was supposed to start my Disney 1/2 Marathon training on October 16th, but some stress fractures take months to heal, especially when they are on highly utilized areas so I also had myself convinced that I would not be able to run the race at all.  So of course I went in expecting the worst.  I also thought that I would experience the first x-ray/bone scan in my life.

So I went in, the doctor felt my foot and asked me questions on where I was experiencing pain.  He wasn’t a Podietrist, but he was very doubtful that it was a fracture of any kind.  He said it was more than likely tendonitis from running.  I think it does, unfortunately, have a bit to do with my new minimalist running shoes and that there is not a whole lot of cushion on the sole of the foot.  I may or may not have over-worn them one particular week because I wasn’t using my head…  The doctor was first going to have me take 9 ibuprofen a day – much more aggressive than the 1 I had been taken (hence the not getting better).  He then rethought that since I had been taken some ibuprofen and prescribed a steroid to decrease the swelling.

I do think it’s kind of humerus that I am on a steroid – just waiting for my muscles to start bulging!  The swelling has gone down considerably in the past week and I still have two more pills to take.  I can’t tell yet if that’s going to be enough or if I will have to go on to step 2 – going to see a Podietrist to get steroid injections.  Needless to say, my marathon training will be put off for a couple of weeks until my foot is 100% better.  I’m still walking more than I should be on it (I just can’t be lazy), and still going to yoga, but that is a whole lot less stress on my foot than running.  So, if my Monday my foot still has this now-dull ache, it’s on to a Podietrist.  I was told this is something that can be healed and not come back again, but I just have to get it to GO AWAY so that I can start my training in a better place.

I even had an awesome 12-week training plan constructed that I will not have to reconfigure.  I think I’ll still post my original so I can look back to it in the future for when I do not have tendonitis and am beginning training for a 1/2.

Apparently I am feeling a bit more wordy and inspired.  Or frustrated and can’t run to release the frustration.  Either way, I think I’ll be picking blogging back up for the time being ;).


As you may or may not have noticed, it has been almost a week since my last post… the longest hiatus I believe I have taken since starting this blog in May.  It was completely unintentional – last Thursday I worked and then went to yoga, and by the time I got home there was just enough time for dinner, a shower, and then bed.  Friday through Monday are a holiday weekend blur – fun times with family and not so fun times with allergies!  And of course after a 3 day weekend, work has been just oh-so-enjoyable.  But, this past Monday marked my first ever PAID holiday!  I loved the fact that I could sit around watching Man v. Food and get paid for it – marvelous ;).

Other things I did this weekend?

Indoor rockclimbing – first time ever!

And I actually made it to the top a few times!

Sailing – and lost my favoritist sunglasses… they didn’t even make it a month with me, oi.  Lake Michigan, I hope you enjoy them.

Sheboygan County Fair

Yes, it included monster trucks!

And some Hot Wisconsin Cheese for the cousins!

Even though I didn’t blog yesterday, I was still surprisingly productive!  Room + bathroom cleaned, sheets + towels laundered, front lawn mowed, almond butter made… and I have also set a few changes in motion for my blog that will be revealed shortly… super discrete, I know ;).  But I am excited for the changes and will be busy making everything perfect over the next few days!  So I will be on continued hiatus until the changes are made – but then I will be back and be better than ever!  Well, if everything goes correctly haha.

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!  I can’t wait until Friday afternoon gets here ;).