monday in a flash

1. Week #2 half marathon training – 3 miles, 33 minutes.  Legs were TIGHT from this weekend.

2. Almost caught up with Glee episodes… only about 15 minutes left of the last one!

3. Even when I leave for work at 8:20 it is possible to still arrive at 8:30.  I love living 5 miles from work.

4. Hour and a half long meetings make the morning fly by.

5. Leaving work to go get gas is an acceptable way to spend your lunch break.

6. It’s satisfying talking to a really annoyed person who can’t find something while searching your website, only to find out they are spelling the word wrong and that’s why they’re having issues.

7. Gluten free pretzels & rice chex make a delicious afternoon pre-Insanity snack.

8. Shawn T makes my heart swoon.

9. No workout DVD has ever made me sweat so much or jump so high.

10. Chickpea tacos in blue corn tortilla shells are a fantastic post-workout dinner.  Especially followed by not-so-healthy pistachio fluff.  You mean if it’s green it doesn’t automatically make it healthy?

11. Finding a pink tutu at Target is one of the highlights of my weekend.

12. Pink tutus and beer cornbread… and turtle cookies… recipes to come soon :).

Now off to create my shirt for the Haunted Hustle on Saturday and watch Castle!

hello, fall

Look different?  Seasons are changing and summer is nearing it’s official end (well, there’s still a few more weeks left 😉 ).  Schools are back in session, leaves are beginning to change, and the weather will continue to become cooler.  Hence, My Search of Summer is over.  Well, more like my search is changing.  Welcome to Living the Gluten Free Life!

Ever since I started My Search of Summer, I always had it in the back of my mind that one goal I had would be to self-host my blog to have more customization involved, as well as Google Analytics!  Little did I know when I started My Search of Summer that I would find out that I was allergic to gluten.  It was a tough transition but I am now at the place where I have accepted this is my life from here on out if I want to feel normal.  I may not be able to eat ‘normally’ (whatever that is anymore), but I will have the ability to feel healthy.

Living the Gluten Free Life is my life.  Recipes, travel, running, as well as anything else I end up doing.  My recipes?  All will be gluten free, but whether or not you are gluten free they will be able to be enjoyed by all.  Nothing gritty or grainy in this house!  My travel?  It has become increasingly difficult to eat out both locally and when going away, especially, but there are so many good gluten free restaurants out there that I need to try!  My running speed has increased significantly since not being weighed down by gluten and is something I continue to enjoy doing immensely – can’t wait for my upcoming races!  Even though I am not meatless anymore, I will continue to do Meatless Monday meals as it is now a routine in this household :).  Look back later tonight to see a delicious meatless stew!  It smells so good in here haha.

It’s hard to believe that since mid-May, I have posted 100 times.  In fact, it worked out perfectly that my first post on the new blog is post number 100!  That’s quite a few recipes and random ramblings :).  There are still a handful of changes to make to Living the Gluten Free Life, but I was too excited to show everyone and continue blogging to hold off making the switch!  I have technically owned this domain for a few weeks but kept second guessing my ability to get everything up and working.  So happy I prevailed and can see the finish line!

Things I am still working on?

  1. Logo – I apologize for the lack of name at the top!  I am meeting with my friend Emilee to talk possibilities tomorrow.
  2. Pages – re-formatting, editing, adding, etc.
  3. Side panel – working on getting some advertising up to connect more with the food community!
  4. Recipes, eating, running, writing…
  5. And much, much more I am sure!
Hope you all like the site and I would love any suggestions you may have!  Now off to write up tonight’s recipe :).