1. My favorite thing to do in the kitchen is bake.

There are many baking recipes on this blog… muffins, doughnuts, cookies, etc. Needless to say, I love baking and it is a definite stress-reliever!

2. I’m hooked on running.

Even though it sometimes makes me feel miserable, it gives me injuries and makes me wake up at obscene times during the week, crossing finish lines gives me a rush of adrenaline like none other. Finish medals are my favorite kind of bling. I never thought of myself as a runner, but I am now a half marathon finisher!

3. I don’t eat gluten.

In the summer of 2011 I decided to try out being gluten free to try and help some stomach issues that have plagued me for a couple years. It has definitely helped so I continue to avoid it. I think it’s easier on my digestive system to avoid wheat, barley and rye, and I have managed to recreate many of my favorite dishes in a gluten free way.

4. I love to travel.

I’ve always loved going on vacations, but a semester abroad in London, England really made my love of traveling and exploring new places a part of who I am. I love both international and domestic travel – even a weekend away is a nice relief from the “norm”! I’m lucky to have a family that goes on vacations as well as a job that sends me on a plane every once in a while! I haven’t been over “the pond” in awhile, so that will have to be changed in the near future ;).

5. Yoga is my favorite form of detox.

I’ve practiced yoga for almost two years now, and I wish I could do it more. I usually go once a week but the cost keeps me away from doing it additional times. It’s amazing what my body is now capable of after practicing – things I never knew I would be able to do now come so easily, including crow and headstands! I prefer hot yoga – any temp over 90′ – to really sweat out my stress and reset my mind.

6. My full-time job is in association management.

Never heard of it before? Neither had I until last July when I found myself with my first full-time job. This “job” quickly turned into my career and what I hope to be doing for the rest of my working life. I never imagined finding a job that I love so soon after college (after only two months of searching!), but I did and can’t wait for what my future holds professionally. I started this blog during my two months off to keep me sane, and have managed to keep it up fairly regularly – and play out both my love of cooking/baking/running/life as well as my marketing nerdiness in the process.

Would you like to contact me?

Even though I am constantly inundated in emails – both personally and professionally, I’d still love to get one from you! You can reach me at kelseyrweaver @ gmail.com (take out the spaces, please!) and I will definitely take the time to respond!

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