what i ate wednesday #20

It’s the first GREEN-filled What I Ate Wednesday! Quite fitting as it’s March, and the weather has been truly spring-like the past couple of days – yesterday was a whopping 60*, and for Wisconsin in early March, basically unheard of. I’ll take it! And I think I’ll blame it on Spring Fever, but I failed at documenting a full day of eats, even trying multiple days! Oh well… at least all my eats were green!

Breakfast: These were a hit last time I had them, so I had to make them again! Green eggs (from ground up Spinach!) with chicken sausage, cheese and Frank’s RedHot (my new absolute favorite condiment, even if it isn’t green!). On the side was a Zucchini muffin. YUM.

Lunch: This was my lunch I packed for work on Monday – Lettuce with chicken + dijon sauce with Peas and bread. Someone was not liking that is was Monday…

Also had to balance out all the green with some orange!

Afternoon snack: Keeping up the orange here is a new favorite snack. A baked sweet potato with coconut butter… melt the coconut butter and put a spoonful on top of the sweet potato. Hot or cold, this is an awesome snack that curbs any sweet craving! (Think Sweet Potato Pie almost).

Dinner?: Well this was actually a lunch over the weekend, but it could easily be a dinner! The easiest tuna salad = tuna + pickles + mustard on bread with lettuce on the side. All topped with more Frank’s!

And if this wasn’t a filling enough day, you could end it all with a green smoothie. Mmmm.

Happy 1st Wednesday in March!!!

6 thoughts on “what i ate wednesday #20

  1. I’m very intrigued by your green eggs. Also, Frank’s is my favorite hot sauce. There was a period in my life when I couldn’t resist dousing it on just about everything.

  2. Love the green meals Kelsey! The sweet potato and coconut butter combo looks delicious!

    I brought an orange today for my snack….hope it’s sweet!

    Happy First Wednesday in March!!

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