top 10 things from last week

1. My yoga studio offered a groupon on Sunday! I went for the larger package and got 10 classes for $35. $3.50 per yoga class? I’ll take it.

2. This quote pinned by Sister got close to 100 repins this week.

3. I finished my second new book of the year (5th book total)! Shopaholic Takes Manhattan was a very light and funny read – and definitely what my brain needs after working all day ;). Shopaholic Ties the Knot is next!

4. I got my workouts and all the information for Best Body Bootcamp! Last day to sign up is tomorrow and it starts on Monday! Even though I’m still following my Nashville 1/2 Marathon training plan, I have created a new plan with BBC included. I’ll be posting that every week, but not with the workout detail of course ;). If you want to know what Workout A, B, + C are I greatly encourage you to sign up! Tina, you’re amazing and I can’t wait to start!!

5. I kind of really want these socks to run a race in! Even though people will think I’m crazy, I’ll know they’ll secretly be jealous.

6. Sugar Cookie Dough Cashew Butter Cups. Yum.

7. iPad 3 rumors/invitation. All I’ve got to say is that this better be true. I’ve been waiting over 6 months for it to finally be announced and it would be so disappointing if it’s something else!

8. I finally signed up for two workshops at my aforementioned yoga studio! A master’s class + handstand workshop this month. I can’t wait!

9. My second ever business trip is next week – it came up so fast! I’ll be headed to Seattle for the first time and am quite excited, even though I won’t have a ton of free time while there. Although I am really hoping I can get my 7 mile run in on either the hotel treadmill or outside on the streets of the city! I love running new places :).

10. “Shit People Say” videos. My favorites (obviously) are Shit Foodies Say and Shit Yogis Say. Soo funny and kind of sad that they’re mostly true :).

9 thoughts on “top 10 things from last week

  1. These are some really great favorite things! That is really cool that the yoga classes are only going to cost $35!

    I have a question about the Boot Camp. Will you be able to do the workouts at home, or will you have to go to the gym to do them?? I went to Tina’s website the other day and I really want to do the boot camp.

    • I am too cheap for a gym membership so everything will be done at home! It is mostly designed for that anyways – there are a few workouts this week that call for a BOSU (which luckily we have), but anything can be modified depending on what you have in your “home gym”! And registration was extended for another day so it’s still open!

  2. I just recently found your blog, and wanted to say hello! I live just outside of Seattle and I apologize in advance for the crazy weather you may experience while here. It is such a great city, honest!
    Oh, and those socks? Pure awesomeness. You should totally get them.

    • Hello! And if a little bad weather scared me… I would have moved south ages ago haha. Being from WI makes me ready for anything :). Would you say that running downtown is safe in the early mornings in Seattle? My hotel is fairly close to Pike Market if that helps you with the area at all. I’m supposed to run 7 miles on Saturday when I’m there and don’t know whether to brave the outdoors or brave through it on a treadmill!

  3. If you do brave the outdoors, I’ve seen lots of people running downtown before. I think your biggest concern would be traffic, but maybe it won’t be so bad on a Saturday morning. You could also go down to the waterfront (just past the market) for a long stretch of open sidewalk, or another very popular running path is around Green Lake, if you have a way to get there. Have a great run, wherever you end up, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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