what i ate wednesday #18

There’s only one week left in February! I know this is usually a short month (and we even have an extra day), but time just keeps flying by as usual. As it’s Wednesday, it’s time to have another WIAW with the Peas and Crayons link party!

I tried to do better with my veggies this week, and they were definitely a main component in each of my three meals! I just have to get better at finding good veggie snacks that are filling :).

Breakfast: I tried to make the Bacon Waffle recipe as pancakes and without the bacon… something definitely went wrong and they ended up being a gooey mess. I had to microwave them all to try and cook them some more, and then topped it with melted coconut butter + cinnamon. Definitely not the tastiest breakfasts, but you can’t win them all! On the side was green eggs! Blended up egg whites + fresh spinach Β and cooked normally. You can barely taste the spinach in them and it’s a much funner way to eat eggs in the morning! I should have skipped the pancakes and just had green eggs + ham instead ;).

I went to another butt-kicking Yoga Body Bootcamp class at my yoga studio and I was wiped when I got home! As a post-workout snack I grabbed a few almonds and had a packet of Emergen-C. Electrolytes + protein = perfect pick-me-up!

Lunch: Lunch was not far after my post-workout snack. I managed to take a shower and clean up my room and bathroom a bit first, but then I couldn’t wait any longer to eat! Lunch was devine. Leftover fajita steak and green peppers, stuffed in a brown rice tortilla with shredded cheese, and then topped with guac, salsa and plain yogurt with a big side of lettuce! I could eat these fajita quesadillas every day.

After lunch wouldn’t be complete with a cookie (on weekend’s at least!). This weekend was butterscotch, oatmeal and chocolate chip. Very tasty and I consumed my fair share of these over the weekend :).

Afternoon snack: Homemade Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar! With a schmear of peanut butter on top. I’m so sad this was my last one…

Dinner: This dinner was delicious! Chicken cordon bleu (just chicken breast, ham, swiss cheese + Trader Joe’s aioli mustard) with spaghetti squash and green beans on the side. I just LOVE spaghetti squash, I ate both those halves and easily could have eaten more :).

I think the Love Your Veggies month has definitely urged me to get back in the habit of trying to have veggies with every meal. Hopefully even after this theme is over I can keep up with that and continue eating my greens throughout the day! I definitely go through phases where I love certain veggies, and then I can’t stand them at all, but I think I just need to get over that and find a way to cook them that I’ll still enjoy ;). Happy Wednesday!

19 thoughts on “what i ate wednesday #18

  1. 1) Those pancakes were almost horrible and I have no idea why!?!? For me to NOT want to eat something, it’s gotta be bad… and yet I still licked my plate clean after nuking them πŸ˜‰

    2) That lunch on the other hand, was fan-flippin-tastic! We should make some kind of quesadilla this weekend again.

    3) I need to make more Clif bars!! Totally forgot about doing that… good thing we have the muffins to tide up until I get the chance.

    4) I loved that dinner. So easy and yet so yummy!

    • They had too much milk added in too I think… must need to be a thicker batter to not be slimey? I mean there is only 1/2c of dry ingredients in them… And yes! Quesadillas sound fantastic – even with the wraps from Edible Perspective maybe? You better get working in the kitchen this weekend so we have the clif bars as snacks again!

    • Man, they do look kind of giant on the plate, but they were honestly not that large in person! They were actually the smallest spaghetti squash I’ve gotten so a half of one definitely would not have been enough!

  2. oh man your eats look so good! Once I made pumpkin eggs… I’d probably say the green eggs are much better than the pumpkin eggs. LOVE spaghetti squash too. They’re so easy to eat in one dish πŸ™‚

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