what i ate wednesday #17

Welcome to the second What I Ate Wednesday Love Your Veggies Month! I’m loving the theme, and tried to incorporate more veggies into my eats but could still use some more work! To be honest, it was the end of the day before I remembered the theme haha – but I still did okay!

Pre-Run: Rice cake with peanut butter + trader joe’s preserves. Also coffee, naturally.

It was my first “long run” of my second half marathon training plan today, so I’m getting back into the swing of my weekend workout routine! Today was a snowy 5 miles and it felt so good!

Breakfast: After getting back from my run I whipped up a batch of muffins (recipe to come!) and put them in the oven to bake while I stretched and did some ab work. I had two of the Banana Millet Chocolate Chunk Muffins along with a yogurt parfait. Blueberries, Orange Vanilla Chobani Champions greek yogurt (LOVE this new flavor!), and LOVE granola. Quite a delicious breakfast!

It was really cold out today so Crosby was chillin in his hoodie all day :).

Lunch: We had some leftover steak, broccoli and sweet potatoes from a dinner during the week, so I decided to slice up the steak and stir-fry it with broccoli, peas and some gluten free teriyaki sauce and had it with the sweet potatoes and a pile of lettuce that needed to be eaten on the side! Peas, broccoli, sweet potato and lettuce definitely make this a VEGGIE filled lunch!

I was still hungry after lunch so I had some almonds, raisins and a little chunk of chocolate.

Snack: For an afternoon snack I decided on a chocolate Luna Protein bar with a side of chunky peanut butter. I love having pb with granola bars – not a good habit to get in, but it is a good protein boost, right?!

Dinner: We ended up having a very late (for us) dinner tonight. We were thinking of going out for mexican, but decided to make it at home instead! Not quite the same, but this combo was delicious! Will definitely have to make it again :). Bed of greens with taco meat + cheese, Wholly Guacamole and Wholly Salsa (both so good!) and quite a few tortilla chips.

I also needed to end the day with a little more sweetness. A little chocolate ice cream with milk stirred in (like a shake) with a crumbled Almond Flour Coconut Chocolate Cookie. Delicious :).

10 thoughts on “what i ate wednesday #17

  1. Your dog is so cute! 🙂 I am loving your after lunch snack.. mixed nuts, raisins and dark chocolate make a great combo. That Luna protein bar flavor sounds so great! I havent tried the chocolate flavor before but I can imagine that it tastes awesome! 🙂

    • Yes! I am back in love with almonds + raisins, I used to have that combo all the time and then somehow it got away from me. And the chocolate flavor is delicious! One of my top two along with the mint chocolate :).

  2. I just realized blogger isn’t telling me when you have new posts! 😦 Not cool! Anyway- your puppy is so adorable. I always want to buy those cute puppy outfits for my baby but they never make ones that are big enough! I think she is about 100 lbs now.

    • Oh my, that’s one big puppy you’ve got! Crosby is tipping the scales at like 8lbs? And he has WAY more clothes than any one dog needs, but they’re just so cute on him ;).

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