sweet tomatoes

I know I’ve talked quite a bit about Sweet Tomatoes during my Disney vacation posts… but seriously it’s my favorite restaurant and Milwaukee needs to get one stat. During our final meal there on Monday, I decided to take a few pictures and give it a more in-depth review than I had before.

When you first enter Sweet Tomatoes, you are greeted with two rows of the longest salad bar ever. You pick a side and then pick whatever salad topping you’d like. They even have a premium section with chicken and other more gourmet items on it that’s a few dollars extra. I just went for the basics – romaine lettuce, carrots, sliced raw butternut squash (such a great idea!), hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, and then there were the prepared salads that I loved – Joan’s Broccoli Madness, Wild Fruity Rice and Southern Dill Potato. These three area all gluten free as well as many others (just check their website and they also had a table tent with all the options that I saw after we sat down). Once your plate is piled high, you pay for your food and either find a seat or are seated (depending on busy-ness level).

Once you sit down you’re free to go and grab something to drink (water’s free!) as well as any hot items you’d like. The items I went for? Baked potatoes and sweet potatoes! They had cups of whipped butter and whipped honey butter – could it get any better? They also had a few gluten free soup options, but being in Florida that was the last thing I wanted! For gluten eaters, they had rows of freshly baked bread as well as a pasta bar with freshly tossed and pre-baked pasta dishes. So many options for everyone!

I was more than happy with my salad and potatoes with butters – especially when they had the perfect dessert. Frozen yogurt! I always went for chocolate and vanilla twist, topped with their homemade butterscotch caramel topping – only real ingredients used so it was okay to splurge, right?! And the frozen yogurt was fat free… Making it totally acceptable to go back for a second bowl… ;).

We ate here four times in four days, and you can be certain we will be coming back the next time we’re in Orlando! We’ve even got our eyes set on one just over the boarder in Illinois… a road trip is definitely in order. Milwaukee needs to get the ball rolling here and get a Sweet Tomatoes… although I think I would find any excuse to go there for lunch and dinner multiple times per week! If you ever stumble across a Sweet Tomatoes, definitely head in for a delicious and healthy meal out!


5 thoughts on “sweet tomatoes

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  2. OMG I love Sweet Tomatoes. It has the best soup I have ever tasted. Plus, I can eat as much of it as I want! They also have the best salad bar around. It’s always fresh with plenty of toppings to choose from. I love that they always change a few things out so that every time I go there is something new to try. It still has some of the same old same old, but I would miss those things if they were gone.

    Like, they always have the chicken noodle soup. It’s un-American to not like Chicken noodle soup! I went the other day and they had a great soup that had roasted red peppers, corn, black beans. It was so tasty. I wish they offered a Sweet Tomatoes cook book. When I ask though they told me they can’t do that. I would love to recreate some of those soups in my crock pot.

    Sweet Tomatoes also has a decent dessert bar. You can be healthy and have some orange slice or some sugar free mousse. But that is no fun, so I always go for the make your own sundae bar. Yum!

  3. Oh man i just noticed this post. I so share your love of Sweet Tomato and wish we had one where I live too!!! It’s funny because I’m actually at Disney now, and that was literally the first place we went when we got to Orlando! love love love!

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