eleven from eleven

I thought now would be a very good time to reflect on 2011 – seems appropriate to me as it is now a New Year! Lots of exciting things happened to me this year and some not-so-fun occurrences. Here are eleven of them!

1. Went to NYC with Kinley in January. This was the first time either of us had gone to NYC and it was fun to explore a big and bustling city. I loved every minute of it (okay, not the minute that I formatted my card and lost all my pictures and then spent $40 of a software to get them back…). We saw a broadway show (American Idiot featuring Billie Joe Armstrong), ice skated at Bryant Park (one of the main reasons we went in the winter), ate more cupcakes than days we were there (from Sweet Revenge and Crumbs), had my first Macaroon from Financier Patisserie (have not had one since but I have been completely obsessed with them and wanting to find/make them), ran in Central Park (so want to do this again!), went to Times Square at night and during the day, saw the Statue of Liberty, randomly walked by Jimmy Fallon as he was getting interviewed on the Today Show and pretty much walked around the entire city in the three days we were there. It was so memorable and I can’t wait to go back and see even more!

2. Got in my first car accident. Okay so this one isn’t so great, but I am lucky it was as minor as it was. It was rainy and I was on the highway and the lady in front hit her breaks SUPER fast in her brand new car (needless to say I couldn’t stop fast enough with the wet roads). Got a couple hundred dollar ticket and a banged up front of my car to drive around with for a few months. Lesson learned…

3. Graduated. This is one of the major milestones this year. I graduated with not one, but two degrees in May. My Bachelor’s in International Business, minor in German, and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing. I spent the morning of my graduation in court dealing with the points that I got from #2 (got them all cleared away at least!), but the night was all for celebrating!

4. Two month extended vacation. During the two months between graduating and finding a job, I was spending all my newfound “free time” searching for jobs, rethinking my life choices and hanging out with Crosby having some quality nap times every afternoon (he napped, I read many books and book series including The Hunger Games). I also started blogging again to try and find some purpose in my life and do something productive. Little did I know it would stick with me even after finding a job.

5. Ran my first 10k. This was my second race, and the first one that I actually enjoyed :). I will always remember the Bellin 10k and am already signed up to do it in 2012 and break my course time! I also ran two other 10k’s – in Madison (my current PR) and in Hawaii.

6. Found a job. I couldn’t believe it when this day finally came. Looking back I am really fortunate to have found a job within two months of graduating, and even more fortunate that after five months I still love what I’m doing. I have never been bored for a single day while being there and I am looking forward to what this next year will bring me!

7. Went on my first business trip. The second week of the real job I went on my first business trip to Sonoma, California. It was an awesome and busy trip and I get to go on that same meeting/trip next year when it’s in Virginia – and I am planning almost the entire thing!

8. First Surprise Birthday Party. I had always wanted a surprise birthday party, but had never gotten one before. I was definitely not expecting one this year, but Kinley somehow surprised me with a great 23rd birthday with family and friends coming to celebrate with me!

9. Went to Hawaii. This will always remain one of the best vacations ever. Hawaii is amazing and our time spent on both Kauai and Maui was fantastic. You can find all of my daily posts here.

10. Ran 5 miles in under 50 minutes. This was an awesome experience for me. I really didn’t think I was capable of running under 10 minutes miles for this long of time, but I did it during the Festival Foods Turkey Trot! Hopefully I’ll be just as pleasantly surprised with my performance at Disney ;).

11. Ran my first double digit run. I have never been a runner so it still amazes me that I can run an entire mile without stopping. Sure, I’ve had some discouraging runs and plenty of aches and pains along the way, but I hope to keep considering myself a runner from here on out! And many more double digit runs this year!

2012 has many things in store for it as well… look for my next post to see all the things I hope to accomplish this year!

4 thoughts on “eleven from eleven

  1. you bettr add one about me. u better mayk a gowl to take walk with me evryda. also we got yots of gud naps togeder you betr qwit and wurk fram hom.

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