2012 plans

I have never made a resolution, or had any real goals for the year ahead. Sure, two years ago I was looking forward to studying abroad in London for a semester and last year I was gearing up for my last semester at college before graduating. This year seems somewhat dull in comparison starting out, but it is also the first year in awhile that I kind of know what to expect. I have a stable job that I have no plans to leave, and no major life changes are expected. Here are a few things I am hoping to do/complete during 2012!

1. Run my first 1/2 marathon (less than a week away!)

2. Go to Disney World (another one coming very soon!)

3. Buy the iPad 3 (this NEEDS to come out this year and I will be one of the first to buy one since I have been waiting for many months)

4. Make French Macaroons

5. Stay a night in 7 states other than WI (this was going to be just go to 5 states, but I think that’s a little too easy with some of this year’s plans)

6. Drive to Nashville

7. Run my 2nd 1/2 Marathon (Nashville Rock n’ Roll)

8. Start lifting weights consistently!

9. Get a PR for a 5k

10. Run a 10k in under 1 hour

11. Get my first iPhone

12. Stop drinking soda for good… Butterbeer doesn’t count 🙂

13. This sounds weird… but I need to stop chewing ice. I have a bad habit of chewing ice in my drinks and I should really save my teeth from this… Maybe I’ll start ordering my drinks “no ice”?!

14. Start abiding by my budget and only buying things I had planned for/need (and iPad and iPhone have been planned in my mind for years… so these are exempt from this plan!)

15. Read 4 new books – not a very lofty number, but some things need to be easily attainable haha

16. Start using more features on the DSLR – usually I just turn it on and shoot…

I’m sure many more plans will end up coming up in 2012, but as of January 1st this is the list!

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