kauai day 7: beach time

Today was a pretty relaxing day.  It was our last day in Kauai and we had plans to go kayaking, but the wanting to sleep in and go to the beach beat out paddling to yet another waterfall.  Plus, we’ve got to leave something for when we come back next time, right?  Well, we visited Po’ipu beach again and had some cloudy sunshine.  It was mostly cloudy, but the sun peaked out enough to give us all a little pinkish tint.  We headed back to the condo to have lunch and then sat out by the pool for the afternoon.  It seemed like it might have been rainy/more cloudy both north and south of where we were so it really wasn’t worth it to drive to a beach at that point!

Our dinner is deserving of its own post – I’ll work on writing and posting that within the next week.  It’s hard for me to say for sure, but I think it might beat the Guava BBQ ribs for my best meal ever!  I can’t believe that our time in Kauai is up.  It seems like we’ve done so much, and yet it’s already over!

6 thoughts on “kauai day 7: beach time

  1. Just read about your trip to Kauai. I found you by trying to find how long of flight it is from Phoenix to Kauai. Sounds like you had a great time. Me, hubby and 3 kids (3,5 and 7) are going to Kauai next week. Tell me how bad that plane ride is going to be trying to keep everyone entertained. My mother (who is Celiac) and step dad are also going.
    On the places you went (Kilauea Beach Lighthouse, Spouting Horn, Waimea Canyon) do you think these places are doable for kids?
    Thanks for your info.

    • Yes, we had a fabulous time – I want to go back so badly! The plane ride is long, but you’ll have 3+ hours less than we did since we had to get from Milwaukee to Chicago to Phoenix first. Do be sure to pack food for the flight since mine at least didn’t serve a meal – you definitely don’t want hungry kiddos! Hopefully the flight goes well!

      As for the places, Kilauea Beach Lighthouse is definitely doable with kids. There’s a small fee most days to go see the overlooks but it’s definitely worth it. You pretty much get to drive all the way out and just have to walk a short way up.

      Spouting Horn is also doable – you can drive all the way to it and then just have to walk across a little area to actually see it. They might not be super entertained depending on how active it is, but there is grass to play around in :). There are plenty of beaches around it too so you can head to one of those after!

      Waimea Canyon would be okay with kids if they’re good in the car and don’t get car sick. The roads are twisty and turny and you end up being very elevated by the end. The overlooks are beautiful, but it is a bit of a drive up and back down.

      You guys are going to have a blast tho! Be sure to have your mom check out Sweet Marie’s Kauai (a gluten free bakery). The owner is celiac so everything is for sure safe for her to eat!

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