kauai day 1: traveling

Our day started ridiculously early this morning with alarms set for 1:45am. We got up,
had coffee (it was obviously a necessity!), showered, finished packing and got picked up
at 3:15am by the parents. We headed right to the Milwaukee airport for our 5am flight
to Chicago for our first layover. We got to the airport by 4 and none of the workers had
showed up yet to check us in and take our checked baggage – so helpful, right?
Wonderful United/US Airways/Continental/whoever else is merged together now.
Around 4:15 the workers finally decided to show up and get us through. Then the same
thing happened at security where we had to wait for the oh-so-helpful security
personnel. I got through security perfectly fine – body scan and all haha. There were
still a few minutes before we had to board , so just enough time to use the restroom and
fill up camelbaks.

Flight 1 went well, really fast since there was only about 15 minutes of airtime which
was good because the seats were SO tiny. When we arrived in O’Hare we had an hourish
layover. I got a small milk from McDonald’s to use on some granola we brought and
had two Pumpkin Millet Muffins (made gf recently although not entirely successful
haha). We then boarded the plane to Phoenix. This trip officially has the most layovers
I have ever had for flights, but it’s all worth it to end up in paradise! The flight to
Phoenix was between 3-4 hours, not too bad and it was nice to get off and stretch. We
had a little over an hour layover in Phoenix and then boarded the flight to Kauai.

The flight was SO LONG. The pilot said 6hrs 40 minutes which really feels like forever
when you’re cramped on a plane. At least I was in the middle of mom and sister so it
was not as constricting as the flights to and from London I’ve done with strangers sitting
next to me. Kinley and I packed PB&Js for the plane ride and ate those before we even
took off since we were starving – with the time change it was technically lunchtime in our
time zone so that was good enough for us. We also had a mix of gf pretzels, rice chex
and m&ms which was so delicious and is pretty much gone now after the flight.

We started out watching three episodes of the third season of Castle that I got for my
birthday from mom and dad. It helped the time go by and Kinley fell asleep more than a
couple of times. We then made a grocery list because we were planning on going
shopping once we got to Kauai to stock up on essentials. The rest of the plane ride is
kind of a blur now. I know I read quite a bit near the end and also had a gopicnic meal –
my new favorite! I had hummus + crackers that came with a fruit & nut mix, dry roasted
edamame and a dark chocolate square. It was so nice to have a little pack of gluten
free food for the flight, and for 400 calories, 12 grams of fiber and 25 grams of protein.
It was nice to have a fairly nutritions and protein packed meal while flying and having
what felt like a ton of carbs already that morning ;).

I also had fun with my brand new camera and all of its awesome functions.

And had a few glasses of orange juice along with my water to help ward off the
disgusting germs on the airplane with some extra vitamin c!

We finally arrived in Kauai at 3:15 pm local time (4 hour time difference from
Wisconsin). It felt so nice to stretch off of the plane! We got our luggage and then
headed to get our rental car. The line at the rental car was incredibly long and took
probably close to a half hour to finally get through it and get our Jeep Liberty. We were
expecting a car, but we’ll take it ;).

(It wasn’t dark when we picked it up – just when the picture was taken)

After we got the car we swung by Sweet Marie’s Hawaii gluten free bakery (more on
that later), and headed to the condo. The condo itself is clean, a bit dated but it’ll do
since we hopefully won’t be inside much! It’s 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen,
living room, dining room and a lanai with chickens running all over. You think I’m
kidding. We got a little settled and Mom, Dad and I headed to Walmart to get water,
POG, alcohol… you know, the necessities. Then we got back to the condo and got
ready to go to dinner around 6, and by this time we were all ready for a real meal!

We ended up at JJ’s Broiler, it was recommended in a guidebook and the food was
really good. I got a turkey burger that was topped with some dijon dressing, tomato,
avocado and sprouts. I ordered it without the bread and didn’t eat the sprouts because
I’m not a fan, but it definitely made the picture! Served with a side of sweet potato fries
(to the best of my knowledge, they do not have a dedicated fryer, but fortunately it
doesn’t seem like cross contamination is a huge problem for me). The turkey burger
was so moist and I loved the dijon dressing and fries – definitely what I needed after a
long day of flying!

We headed to the grocery store next to get a few things and then back to the condo
where we all passed out. It was such a long day of flying, but definitely nice to finally be
here and get to enjoy the beautiful weather!


4 thoughts on “kauai day 1: traveling

    • We’ve enjoyed it so far :). I didn’t think it was a Liberty at first because it was bigger than I thought they were – I didn’t know they redesigned it recently haha.

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