give thanks for: cranberries

This past weekend was fall back, and I also slept more than I have since I have started working full time.  I managed to get to bed early (grandma, I know 😉 ), and I let myself sleep in until I woke up naturally.  It was so nice and relaxing.  It’s weekends like these that make me love fall because there’s no early sunrise to make you feel bad for staying in bed much later than planned.  During the week?  Not so lovely to be dark in the morning, but at least it’s a bit better now with the sun rising an hour earlier.

Fall weather and lazy weekends are also a great precursor to Thanksgiving, the laziest and most delicious fall weekend of them all.  And it’s never too early to start the menu!  Especially with being gone the next two weekends (knowing Hawaii is only 3 days away makes going to work SO HARD!), Thanksgiving is having to be on my brain much earlier since by the time we return, there are only T-4 days (T for Turkey haha) til the big day.

One menu item that’s perfected for our Thanksgiving menu?  Cranberry sauce.  No canned variety in this household (although I must admit I still love the stuff), but this is so much better and there are only 3 ingredients, and that’s including water.  It’s also nice and versatile if you wished to spice it up any which way.  I hope you enjoy this and it can make an appearance on your Thanksgiving table!  Or really with any meal between  now and then that needs a little cranberry accent!

Simple Cranberry Sauce

  • 1 12 oz bag cranberries
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 – 1cup honey*
1. Put all ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil.
2. Lower to a simmer and let it go for about 3o minutes, or until all of the cranberries have popped.
3. Let cool a little bit and place into a jar/container and keep in the fridge until you’re ready to eat!  Although it’s also quite good warm.

*This is a very large range, but it is all depending on what flavors you and your family enjoy.  Our family prefers it more on the tart side, only putting in 1/3 of a cup, but if you want it sweeter then you can definitely up it to the whole cup!

You can easily make this the day before so that’s one less thing to worry about with everything else going on.  It’s the perfect topping for your turkey, with stuffing, on mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, by the spoonful… Mmmm T-3 days til Hawaii.  T-18 days til Thanksgiving.

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